A simple UI demo for a custom suits brand.


SUITS is an Australian-based tailor, specialised in custom suits & accessories. It aimed for a reliable and luxury feeling for the digital experience on the app & website. In additional, it has some high-tech features such as a designer interface for custom suits, and an feature which helps customers to create their body measurements profile.

Color Schemes

For the direction above, SUITS needs a luxury but clean & high-tech enough, so I pick the Classic Blue from Pantone for main color. Trendy in fashion & technology while giving the feeling of high quality products.
For accents, to keep the design simple and clean, there's nothing more than white and nearly black. And with some illustration images, I selected images with brown/gold tone, which give the luxury and reliable feeling.

UI Elements

Suits are all about formal style, so the button is flat and bold too. A little bit round is added for eye-pleasing on display.

As I researched from other competitors and from my experience of working with Australian clients; website here prefer big & bold images everywhere to make impression. But sometimes, this is overwhelm in real-time viewing and make the web slower.
So the solution here is using only one big header for familiar experience, less image in the following parts to make the design lighter and more negative/white space for pleasing UI experience. It will make SUITS. stand out from another website but not too much strange with Australia's users.


Here again with the luxury feeling. I choose Montserrat & Playfair Display for typography set.
First, they are from Google Fonts project, totally free-to-use and multilingual supported. This is a big advantage and pleasure for developers.
Second, Montserrat is a standard choice of design industry for years. It is easy to scan while giving the strong, reliable and professional looking.
Finally, Playfair Display is a classic-style font which absolutely has the luxury and formal vibe. Not a lot of competitors of SUITS. understand this aspect of typography, so that makes a plus point for your site.

Visual Appealing

I chose a minimal approach for SUITS with simple layout, a lot of white space, simple color palette. It has two big advantages here.
1. Because of it simple layout, the developers' working volume can be reduce, and simpler deployment. The design will be less shifted from its original on live.

2. Lot of white space gives eye-pleasing looking around and makes people browse faster. Customers can quickly find what they need and it convert into direct sales of pre-made suits or a minute-made custom suits.


To sum up, based on its high practical value, SUITS & its website are based on the principles of user experience design consistency and high level of usability to support users at every step with intuitive navigation as well as clear and concise data segmentation.